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"It was so easy, I found a captain in the morning, booked online and the whole family was on the water by lunch!"
Travis H., Charleston, SC

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When you're trying to get on the water, there's no time to wait. With EZ Waves by your side, you can be on the water in as little as 3 hours. We have selected the area's leading captains and are committed to bringing you the best charter options available at the best possible value. EZ Wave's same-day booking sets the bar in the charter community and our dedication to customer satisfaction is matched only by our commitment to bring you the best charter captains available. We provide excellent quality charter options to the customer and combine that with a standard of service that is changing the way consumers approach getting on the water.

With our proprietary scheduling and booking system, our captains schedules are managed on their phones so that the trips that you see are real time. Captains are immediately notified on bookings and can be available as quickly as 3 hours from the time you book.

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The captains that join our program are serious about their business. They understand the frustrations customers have playing phone tag. EZ Waves is the only program that allows you to book captains in real time. As new bookings come in, they are immediately incorporated into the captain's schedule and an email is generated to both captain and client to confirm the reservation. Our captains value your time and want to service you in the most efficient way possible. They have chosen a system that serves you, the guest, with real time information.

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