Ways To Maximize Your Web Presence: A Captain’s Guide To Online Marketing.

question-mark-skiffThere might be a lot of fish in the sea, but it seems like everybody and their brother is starting a charter business to try and catch them. Last year, the Department of Natural Resources issued 495 licenses to charter boat captains throughout South Carolina. Fortunately, South Carolina is leading the nation’s economy as the number one tourist destination in the United States and we are currently on track for a record year. However, business is just like fishing, if you don’t have any bait in the water, how do you expect to catch a fish? Below are some easy ideas to help your charter business succeed in an online world.

  1. Being online doesn’t mean you’re stuck behind a desk at a computer. There’s more technology in an iphone than it took to get to the moon, utilize it. If you don’t have a smartphone, think of the above mentioned 494 reasons to get one.
  2. Set up a facebook account and create a page for your charter business. In January, facebook reportedly had 1.23 billion monthly users and each one of them is a potential client. Plus, it’s at the perfect price-Free. You also get what you pay for and are responsible for updating and managing your site.
  3. Create a webpage. There’s probably a solid grand in electronic equipment that you have aboard your boat, and you learned to use that just fine. Youtube has tutorial videos on anything you could possible think of including how to create a webpage from start to finish. If that’s not you, have someone do it for you or utilize a company that provides one for you.Captains-Trip-Stats

Some of those 495 license holders are reading this, thinking “Tell me something I don’t know!”, and if you got this far, thanks.  Now let’s talk about that iphone you’re sitting there reading this on.

  1. Download a scheduler that you can manage from your phone. Ensure that it can adjust your availability on the go, because more time on the water equals more money in the bank.
  2. Become an amature photographer. Learn how to take and upload pictures to the internet. Create trip galleries that feature your clients. People love seeing a great picture of themselves, and will most-often share it with friends, as well as include it on their own page. Be sure to include your web address in the post, or better yet, post it directly to your webpage and provide a link in your facebook post. Webtraffic is a significant factor in web search results ranking, and utilizing this approach to facebook is one way to improve results.
  3. Include customer reviews on your web page. Even with the world wide web, nothing is better than word of mouth advertising. Let your previous clients sell your business by allowing them to speak for you.
  4. Show off what you’ve got! Include pictures of your boat on your web page and include any professional affiliations or credentials.

*data courtesy South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.