Top Ways To Find Fish On Your Vacation

No one wants to plan every aspect of their vacation and anglers sometimes miss out on fishing opportunities when they visit new areas of the country. Unfortunately, between booking your transportation and accommodations, there’s hardly anytime to plan your recreational activities. So when you’re itchin’ for some fishin’ while the spouse is out shopping, what’s an angler to do? Here are a few tips to get you on the water during your next vacation.

Go Local! Visit the local tackle shop wherever you go on vacation. They will have the best bait choices and you won’t find a more reliable source of information on the surrounding waters and fisheries.

HPT-Store-frontAsk about regulations and size limits for the local fishes. States individually manage their local waters and creel limits vary throughout the U.S..


Check the area’s magazines and newspapers. Many free publications, such as Coastal Angler Magazine and The Angler Magazine,  include local fishing reports from the areas top anglers.

reading-fishingCheck the tides. Tidal variations can differ dramatically among similar locations and areas that hold fish at high tide may be dry at the low.

IMG_2350Go Pro! Utilize one of the areas professionals and find fish via charter captain. This is by far the best way to catch fish in an unfamiliar area. Charter captains practically live on the water, and are often “on the other line” when potential customers call. A great way to find them and book online is through the EZ Waves website.

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