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Digital Marketing Spotlight

Facebook_Logo3 Facebook New Years Resolutions To Grow Your Business!

At the end of 2015, Facebook reported 1.59 billion users worldwide! Creating, maintaining, and promoting a Facebook page for your business can be a valuable marketing tool for your business in 2016.

Growing your Facebook impressions and engaging your audience is not an easy task, but we have given you 3 things to focus on in 2016:

#1 Plan your posts in advance

  • Building and maintaining a steady stream of content is paramount to your Facebook marketing success. Content is king!
  • Try to post 2-3 times per week and use as much photography as you can. Try to take at least 1 hour of your busy week and plan out your Facebook posts.
  • Once you build a couple weeks' worth of posts you can schedule them through Facebook to automatically post!
  • This feature is found under "Publishing Tools". Click on "schedule posts" then click "create".

#2 Run Facebook ads

  • Facebook allows you to create ads for your business to grow your "likes" and drive traffic to your website.
  • They can be customized to a specific target audience and they can fit any budget.
  • Click "create ad" and Facebook will guide you through the ad creation process.
  • Make sure to spend some time setting up your audience to target specifically whom you want to reach with your ads.

fb#3 Convert Your Followers To Customers

  • Add a "call to action" on your Facebook page and direct customers directly to book your excursions.
  • EZ Waves offers a unique URL for you to display your trips and for consumers to book them. For example, check out one of our Captains Facebook page!

Please drop us a note at or call us at 803-451-1121 and we will be happy to install this "Book Now" button for you on your Facebook page.

Stay tuned for more marketing tips in our new weekly EZ Waves Digital Marketing Spotlight!

If you would like one-on-one help creating and managing your social media marketing EZ Waves is a full service marketing consultant firm and we would love to have your business - Please contact us today!

Free Yeti Cup Thank You Offer!

Dear Friends,

As we are reflecting on the holidays, the EZ Waves team is overwhelmed with the blessings of this year. We want to share those with you by offering you an amazing deal. The first 50 people that book a trip for 2016 on will receive a free Yeti Rambler. Now, that is a deal!
It is humbling that over 500 captains/guides in 23 states and 4 countries have joined our services this year. We even made it into Forbes magazine this month as a company to watch! It is even more humbling to see the passion our team has for helping guides. Charter captains enjoy sharing their passion and helping guests create memories that will last a lifetime. Creating amazing memories is what life is all about.
Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season and we will see you next year!

Vickie Waller CEO


Making Connections: The Current Trend In Charters

IMG_3749EZ Waves Captains report a 30% Increase in bookings since installing the Book Now button on their website and social media pages.

Since launched in early 2015, EZ Waves has been providing captains with a connection to guests like never before in the charter industry. Guest now have access to charter captains on a global scale while charter captains have the tools to handle the global demand.

Early adopters of EZ Waves have already experienced an increase in web traffic and have had an increase in bookings of about 30% since installing the EZ Waves ‘Book Now’ button on their website. Giving their guests the ability to search the captains schedule for availability and book instantly online has dramatically increasing bookings across the board.

With over 90% of Americans owning smartphones, consumer use of mobile devices to search the internet is at an all-time high. Apple just had another all time high by selling 13 million iphones in one weekend. Google has even changed their ranking to reflect whether or not a website is mobile friendly.

The results are conclusive; Consumers are plugged into the internet wherever they go, and companies that are internet savvy are reaping the benefits. EZ Waves is bridging the gap between technology and the charter industry, providing a world wide connection to guests that are eager to get on the water.

If you are interested in getting the EZ Waves book now button on your webpage, please contact us at (888)958-0809 or go to for more information.

March’s Picture of the Month.


This months photo contest winner is Graham G. from Charleston, S.C.  Graham was one of the first guest users of EZ Waves and booked a sunrise charter to a barrier island off the coast of South Carolina. He was able to snap this picture just as the sun was peeking through the clouds! Thanks for your submission, Graham. Our monthly photo-contest winners are automatically entered in to our year end calendar contest, where the grand prize winner will receive a free charter from one of our captains! Send your best shots on the water to

Utilizing Your Website: The Book Now Button.

EZ Waves helps you manage your schedule and allows you to instantly book a client, but did you know about our Book Now feature that is available for your professional website? This feature enables you to book clients directly from your website and will automatically update your schedule with the charter information. Having the Book Now button on your webpage also handles all credit card processing so that you can be assured of payment. Here’s a breakdown of how it works.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 7.17.46 PMOur expert programmers will place the EZ Waves Book Now button on the landing page of your website, allowing customers to view your availability, select a charter and pay with a credit card. When customers click the Book Now button, they will be directed to a dialog box where they can specify date and number of passengers.

Date select

Once the customer clicks Find Trip, the list of available trips will be populated at the bottom of the webpage. This list will include all available charter options that you have available for the selected date.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 8.33.53 PM

After the customer clicks the Book Trip button on their selected charter, they will be directed to a dialog box where they will enter their personal data, followed by their credit card information.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 8.52.53 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 8.52.23 PM









Once the client’s credit card has been processed, a confirmation email will be sent to you and the client. The charter will also be automatically added to your schedule and will include all client contact info. It’s that EZ! Best of all, it’s included along with all the other great functions of EZ Waves! If you are already a member of the EZ Waves family and you would like to have the Book Now button featured on your website, please contact If you are interested in joining the EZ Waves family or just want more info, please visit


Top Ways To Find Fish On Your Vacation

No one wants to plan every aspect of their vacation and anglers sometimes miss out on fishing opportunities when they visit new areas of the country. Unfortunately, between booking your transportation and accommodations, there’s hardly anytime to plan your recreational activities. So when you’re itchin’ for some fishin’ while the spouse is out shopping, what’s an angler to do? Here are a few tips to get you on the water during your next vacation.

Go Local! Visit the local tackle shop wherever you go on vacation. They will have the best bait choices and you won’t find a more reliable source of information on the surrounding waters and fisheries.

HPT-Store-frontAsk about regulations and size limits for the local fishes. States individually manage their local waters and creel limits vary throughout the U.S..


Check the area’s magazines and newspapers. Many free publications, such as Coastal Angler Magazine and The Angler Magazine,  include local fishing reports from the areas top anglers.

reading-fishingCheck the tides. Tidal variations can differ dramatically among similar locations and areas that hold fish at high tide may be dry at the low.

IMG_2350Go Pro! Utilize one of the areas professionals and find fish via charter captain. This is by far the best way to catch fish in an unfamiliar area. Charter captains practically live on the water, and are often “on the other line” when potential customers call. A great way to find them and book online is through the EZ Waves website.

You can stay updated with the current industry trends, breakthrough products and latest technology by subscribing to our blog. Visit for more info.

Ways To Maximize Your Web Presence: A Captain’s Guide To Online Marketing.

question-mark-skiffThere might be a lot of fish in the sea, but it seems like everybody and their brother is starting a charter business to try and catch them. Last year, the Department of Natural Resources issued 495 licenses to charter boat captains throughout South Carolina. Fortunately, South Carolina is leading the nation’s economy as the number one tourist destination in the United States and we are currently on track for a record year. However, business is just like fishing, if you don’t have any bait in the water, how do you expect to catch a fish? Below are some easy ideas to help your charter business succeed in an online world.

  1. Being online doesn’t mean you’re stuck behind a desk at a computer. There’s more technology in an iphone than it took to get to the moon, utilize it. If you don’t have a smartphone, think of the above mentioned 494 reasons to get one.
  2. Set up a facebook account and create a page for your charter business. In January, facebook reportedly had 1.23 billion monthly users and each one of them is a potential client. Plus, it’s at the perfect price-Free. You also get what you pay for and are responsible for updating and managing your site.
  3. Create a webpage. There’s probably a solid grand in electronic equipment that you have aboard your boat, and you learned to use that just fine. Youtube has tutorial videos on anything you could possible think of including how to create a webpage from start to finish. If that’s not you, have someone do it for you or utilize a company that provides one for you.Captains-Trip-Stats

Some of those 495 license holders are reading this, thinking “Tell me something I don’t know!”, and if you got this far, thanks.  Now let’s talk about that iphone you’re sitting there reading this on.

  1. Download a scheduler that you can manage from your phone. Ensure that it can adjust your availability on the go, because more time on the water equals more money in the bank.
  2. Become an amature photographer. Learn how to take and upload pictures to the internet. Create trip galleries that feature your clients. People love seeing a great picture of themselves, and will most-often share it with friends, as well as include it on their own page. Be sure to include your web address in the post, or better yet, post it directly to your webpage and provide a link in your facebook post. Webtraffic is a significant factor in web search results ranking, and utilizing this approach to facebook is one way to improve results.
  3. Include customer reviews on your web page. Even with the world wide web, nothing is better than word of mouth advertising. Let your previous clients sell your business by allowing them to speak for you.
  4. Show off what you’ve got! Include pictures of your boat on your web page and include any professional affiliations or credentials.

*data courtesy South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

February’s Picture of the Month.


One of the benefits of living in the Lowcountry is the amount of beauty that surrounds us. This month’s photo submission winner is Travis H. in Charleston, SC. He and his family recently took an eco-charter out of Shem Creek and came back with some fantastic photos. Thanks for your submission, Travis. Our monthly photo-contest winners are automatically entered in to our year end calendar contest, where the grand prize winner will receive a free charter from one of our captains! Send your best shots on the water to

Tips For Tuning Up Your Charter Business.

In 2013, The National Marine Manufacturers Association reported that “the recreational boating industry has a total economic impact of $121.5 billion in the U.S. annually”. According to the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, in 2014 Charleston County alone had 5,600,000 visitors. Now in 2015 with South Carolina leading the nations economy, experts are predicting a record year for tourism in the lowcountry, and charter captains across the nation are preparing for the upcoming season. Here are a few tips for making sure your charter business is as watertight as your boat.

  1. Get your marketing plan moving. Consumers are taking advantage of the internet and they want to know what they are purchasing. Update your webpage and social media with current pictures and rate plan. Include the make and model of your boat as well as any credentials or affiliations.
  2. Be efficient and make the most of what you have available. The integration of technology into your business can make your life easier in many ways. Modern cell phones can send and receive email, browse the internet and have a multitude of applications that are designed to help you with your business.
  3. Create a schedule. Review and know your availability several months in advance. Have a system for scheduling and booking clients planned out so that when the first call comes in, you won’t be writing stuff down on a cocktail napkin.
  4. Be able to accept credit cards. Cash transactions are becoming a thing of the past because of the convenience that electronic transactions create. Being able to hold a credit card number also creates payment security for you as a business owner.
  5. Be proactive and stay updated. Learn about current industry trends, latest technology and available resources. Find a credible source of information and sign up for a newsletter. Contact your state or local officials and ask to receive notifications of changes in local regulations.

You can stay updated with the current industry trends, breakthrough products and latest technology by subscribing to our blog. Visit for more info.

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