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Making Connections: The Current Trend In Charters

IMG_3749EZ Waves Captains report a 30% Increase in bookings since installing the Book Now button on their website and social media pages.

Since launched in early 2015, EZ Waves has been providing captains with a connection to guests like never before in the charter industry. Guest now have access to charter captains on a global scale while charter captains have the tools to handle the global demand.

Early adopters of EZ Waves have already experienced an increase in web traffic and have had an increase in bookings of about 30% since installing the EZ Waves ‘Book Now’ button on their website. Giving their guests the ability to search the captains schedule for availability and book instantly online has dramatically increasing bookings across the board.

With over 90% of Americans owning smartphones, consumer use of mobile devices to search the internet is at an all-time high. Apple just had another all time high by selling 13 million iphones in one weekend. Google has even changed their ranking to reflect whether or not a website is mobile friendly.

The results are conclusive; Consumers are plugged into the internet wherever they go, and companies that are internet savvy are reaping the benefits. EZ Waves is bridging the gap between technology and the charter industry, providing a world wide connection to guests that are eager to get on the water.

If you are interested in getting the EZ Waves book now button on your webpage, please contact us at (888)958-0809 or go to for more information.