Will my clients still be calling me or will they be calling EZ Waves to book trips?
A. Your clients will still be calling you. Your phone number is still on your webpage. EZ Waves is just here to help you book online and maintain your webpage.
When clients book online from my page, when do I get paid?
A. If the trip is completed online by 3pm you'll get paid that night, after 3pm you'll be paid the next day, providing your bank can process payments as quickly as we can.
If clients use the booking feature on my site, how much is the fee?
A. Your fee is 4% - that includes your credit card processing.
Does this mean EZ Waves owns my website?
A. No. You still own your domain, we just do your hosting, design and management.
If I want to pay for additional google advertising is that something that EZ Waves can handle for me?
A. Yes we can handle all of your additional google adwords and ads for you.
How do clients that book on my page know that I'm not booked already for the time they want?
A. You as the Captain maintain your schedule from your EZ Waves scheduler. If you block out the time, then no one can book it, if you leave the time open, then clients can book a trip as soon as 3hrs.
How will I know when a trip has been booked from my page?
A. The Captain will receive an instant notification to his phone that a trip has been booked with all details. The customer will also receive a notification with all of the trip details.