EZ Waves Book Now

Below is the process for Guests to book a trip from your website.

Step 1

The customer will click on the "Book Now" icon or button that has been added to your site by us.

Step 2 - 3

The "Book Now" link will take the customer to a newly created page on your site that shows the EZ Waves interface. They must first enter a 'Trip Date' and the 'Number of Passengers' before they see the list of your available trips.

Step 3-4

The interface will show how many trips are available for that date and the customer will choose the trip they want to book and a start time.

Step 4

Once they select a listed start time, pricing and a link to book the trip are shown.

Step 5 - Finish

The customer must fill in the required passenger and payment information to complete the booking & payment process.