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When you're out on the water, who's taking your reservations?

With EZ Waves, guests can book a trip anytime, even when you're out on the water.

Accept booking offline with the
EZ Waves App

Book Offline

Accept bookings online with the
EZ Waves Reservation System

Add a Book Now link to your website.

EZ Marketing

Be easily reachable in the travel market, where 78 percent of trips book last minute

Connect, Grow and Share

  • Join the EZ Waves travel site!
  • Benefit from our aggressive online advertising.
  • Reach out to guests after trips via email marketing campaigns for repeat business.

Increase Guest Relations

  • Add the EZ Waves "Book Now" link to your site & give your guests the convenience of booking trips online.
  • Offer customer coupons to build your customer database and gain repeat customers.
  • Advertise your real time trips and coupons on your site and through social media.

EZ Schedule Management

  • Easily maintain your schedule on your phone through the EZ Waves app — including adding a trip, cancel, or change availability.
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  • The time you show as 'available' on your live schedule will be the time customers can book you online in real time.
  • As guests book your trips online, guest information is instantly populated on your schedule.
EZ Waves Schedule

EZ Payments

  • Your income is sent by ACH to your bank within 24 business hours
  • Sales Report Tracking on your management console
  • Credit card chargebacks management
  • Direct deposits generated within 24 hours
  • Guests have tipping ability
  • You accept all major credit cards on your website
  • You can adjust trip totals on the day of the trip for additional people/time
  • You eliminate no-shows, no-payments
EZ Waves Payments

EZ Company Management

Simple, easy steps to add schedules, trips and rates through the EZ Waves travel site to manage your business

EZ Company Management
  • Manage boat availability
  • Manage captain scheduling
  • Manage company credit card processing
  • Manage multiple boats/multiple captains easily
  • Manage pricing adjustments on website
  • Manage trip offerings
  • Manage your availability
  • Offer multiple trips at the same start time; the system will adjust availability when one sells
  • Conveniently schedule your available time on your app or through your website

EZ Website Management

  • Captains have the option to keep their current site with a book now button
  • Captains receive a dynamic website built from company admin portal with no hosting fees
  • Image Gallery for boats and trips
  • Website changes immediately after changes are made on the admin portal
  • Optional programs available for additional marketing
  • Optional programs available for website development
  • Trade Show Representation to broaden your industry recognition
  • Quarterly Newsletters to your guests from you
  • Your trips added to affiliate marketing sites
  • Deeply discounted web development
  • Free web hosting